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Welcome to the official website of comedian Dave Cooperman!

Available for corporate and college events


RECENTLY FEATURED ON "THE BEST OF BOB & TOM" & will be appearing on the Bob & Tom comedy CD!

"Dave Cooperman was a huge success on the Bob and Tom Show. We liked him so much we invited him back two days in a row! His approach makes his witty material really stand out. I look forward to seeing him again."
- Tom Griswold - Bob & Tom Show

"I thought it was a great show. I'm glad I braved the cold to see it! I definitely see the resemblance to Jim Carrey. Both are extremely physical. It was a great show..."
-Quote from Union College student newspaper

"Of the three acts, I'd pay to see David Cooperman's act. He's personable and develops a good rapport with the audience..." Good Times Magazine

"Dave was recommended to me by Bruce Ayers, owner of the Stardome in Birmingham, AL. I booked Dave sight unseen, which is not my custom. After 3 years, I can honestly say that I'm thankful for Bruce's recommendation. Dave is as strong as they come. As a clubowner, my eyes sometimes glaze over from seeing the same tired acts, but watching Dave is absolutely refreshing to me because his act is extremely well-written, he's very high-energy, and his act is intelligent, yet accessible. Plus, his personna is very likeable. If I need him to be versatille (for instance, if it's a corporate audience) - he can deliver a clean show. In short, I'd recommend him whole-heartedly to any club owner, agent, or booker - you can't go wrong."
- Mike Alfano - owner of The Comedy Catch at the Cafe - Chattanooga, TN